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Circa 1956. Weikfield set up operations in Pune, Maharashtra, with two products on its production line - custard and corn flour. Today, the network spans 100,000 retail outlets across India and 5 continents globally. Quality and reputation, the most valued assets of our company, are visible across our range of 50 food products. The customer has been our guide, and his expectations have given Weikfield its business blueprint.

The domestic network encompasses 20 C&F Agents, 900 distributors and stockists in every city in the country. Overseas, our growing web of agents, distributors and direct buyers covers North & South America, Continental Europe & UK, the Middle East, Australia and Africa. The team at home is a lean and productive family of 400 people, 300 of which are part of the manufacturing process spread over three facilities. We are focused on technology, innovative new products and growing markets - in other words, a company that is on a decidedly upward trajectory.

Wiekfield Factory - Then
Wiekfield Factory - Now