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Q. What are the main product categories of Weikfield Foods?

Weikfield manufactures food products in the following categories: Desserts & Ingredients, Fresh Vegetable & Fruits, Processed Vegetable and Fruits, Sauces Pickles & Condiments, Health Foods & Beverages. For a complete listing of products under these categories, please go to our Products page.

Q. Where does Weikfield figure in the consumer goods market?

Weikfield is currently the largest selling custard powder in India. We are market leaders in products, like Baking Powder, Corn flour, Vegetarian Jelly and Fresh Mushrooms.

Q. If I have a product idea, whom should I approch in Weikfield?

You can send all your product ideas to info@weikfield.com.

Q. Is it possible to order your products for doorstep delivery?

Weikfield does not have the provision for doorstep delivery. However, you may contact your closest distributor or retailer to place your order requirements.

Q. Whom do I contact for grievance redressal?

You can contact our Vice President Operations directly at qc@weikfield.com. Your grievances will be addressed promptly. And if need be, directed to the concerned Department Head.

Q. Are there any quality checks that Weikfield undertakes for procurement of raw materials?

Weikfield is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and undertakes stringent quality checks for all its procurements.

Q. Are your products tested?

Yes, all our products are tested to ensure quality, safety and taste.

Q. Is your packaging safe?

All materials used in our packaging are approved by the FDA for use with food. In addition, we conduct tests before and after products have been prepared, to ensure no ill effects from the packaging materials, in our analysis of the food.

Q. How do I know if the product has expired?

Food product shelf life varies due to type of ingredients, manufacturing method, packaging and storage method. Often, the manufacturer will stamp the product with a date to indicate the expected shelf life or ‘expiration’. Different brands may show different date-stamping formats.

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Q. What and where are the Weikfield products available in the overseas market?

Weikfield sells its products in 5 continents. Our products include powdered desserts and bakery ingredients , a range of sauces, processed vegetables, organic teas, diabetic desserts and sugar-free sweeteners.

Q. Can I order Weikfield products online for delivery in the USA?

Weikfield does not have a system for placing online orders for its products.

Q. We are interested in featuring your products with our labels in our store and in our catalogues. Where can we get the wholesale export information?

For all Export related business clarifications post your query at export@weikfield.com. We will get back to you with the details.

Q. I live in the UK and would like to get a catalogue of your products.

You can view our site for the complete product list, for more information you can email us at export@weikfield.com

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Sales & Distribution

Q. We would like to be appointed as C&F Agents of Weikfield for the state of Goa. Kindly let me know about the formalities and the investment required.

Please send us your Application on info@weikfield.com and you will be mailed the C&F registration form for all the details.

Q. I am interested in taking up Dealership of Weikfield products in and around Jammu. Whom do I get in touch with for this dealership?

You can apply on email with Weikfield at info@weikfield.com.

Q. We are distributors of Brown & Polson. We would like to apply for the distributorship of your products in Vashi area.

As a policy of the Company, we do not appoint active distributors of Companies, who are our direct Competitors.

Q. We run an online shopping mall and are interested in putting up your product range in our mall. Let us know who is your distributor in Kollam.

Please mail us at info@weikfield.com and we will get back to you with all the relevant details.

Q. Where can I buy Weikfield products?

Weikfield’s products are available all over India, in more than 1,00,000 retail outlets. 1000 distributors service the entire country through a cohesive marketing network.

Q. If there is a problem in one of your products, whom should I write to for checking the quality or replacement details?

Weikfield values the feedback of its customers. For any grievances or queries related to Weikfield products, write to our General Manager Marketing at marketing@weikfield.com.

Q. Why can’t I find a specific product at my local grocery store?

We do not have any control over the inventory your retailer chooses to carry. Our sales representatives can make suggestions, but the retailer makes the final decision as to what products they will sell. As a consumer, feel free to contact the manager of the store where you shop to inform them of your interest in Weikfield Products. The product may not be available in your area also due to limited distribution.

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