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About to roll off the Weikfield anvil, is Honey, the world’s favourite natural energy source. Its pure and golden goodness is replete with enzymes and pollen, making it a fabulous health food. It will be available in its original form, as well as in hybrid variants and flavours.

Organic Flavoured Teas

A host of the Indian blends, both green and black, will be launched soon, in a bouquet of aromatic flavours and fragrances. From classics like earl grey and pure green tea, to revitalizing spring mint and golden mango, to truly exotic variants like black cherry and green jasmine – Weikfield organic teas are all about quality and purity.

Sweet 'n' Safe Dessert Mixes

An innovation in the world of low-cal sugarless desserts. Sweet 'n' Safe is a unique range of custards, jellies and crème caramel that is perfect for diabetics and weight-watchers alike. Easy to make and easy on the calories, Sweet 'n' Safe tastes great and with zero side effects like guilt, weight gain and sugar peaks.

Weikfield Honey
Weikfield Organic Flavoured Teas
Sweet 'n' Safe Dessert Mixes