Weikfield's first factory at Ramwadi, Pune
Weikfield factory at Bakori, Pune
Weikfield Bakori Mushroom Farm, Mushroom growing facility near Pune
Weikfield factory at Lonikand, located near Pune
Weikfield factory at Nalagarh, Pune
Weikfield corporate office at Viman Nagar, located at Pune


Mission Statement

To produce and market trusted food brands, conforming to the highest international standards of quality and convenience for discerning customers in the Indian and global markets, with every Weikfield employee passionately dedicated to achieving the goals of the organization

Our Values

  • Customer focus
  • Passion for excellence
  • Continuous all round innovation
  • Transparency and integrity
  • People development
  • Social responsibility

Over the past 60 years, Weikfield has spread sweetness in the lives of people through a diverse portfolio of quality food products. Weikfield today, is one of the few iconic brands which have flourished for over half a century. It has been a story of sweet success, earning the trust of millions along the way. Weikfield has delighted many generations with great taste, health and happiness and will continue to bring joy and cheer to its customers for many decades to come.


Late Shri Satpal Malhotra

Founder Chairman

Being the eldest son of the family, Satpal led a comfortable student life in Rawalpindi until one day in 1942, when he suddenly lost his dear father. This put the onus on 15 year old Satpal to look after his family and the business, which he grew multifold. He may have been small in build, but he had a courageous and bold heart. Just when he was recovering from his father's loss, his mother too passed away from cancer. He was all but 19.


In August 1947, while on one side the country was celebrating independence, on the other side there were many families being uprooted by the ravages of the partition of our country, which left many homeless. Satpal was one amongst them. He managed to flee to Delhi, leaving all his worldly possessions behind, wearing just his clothes. Desperately searching for a means of livelihood, Satpal came to Pune on 13th November 1947 and within just 3 days; he rented a shop and set up a grocery & cutlery business. It became profitable within a few days.


Once his business was established, Satpal got married and brought his young wife Rajinder Mohini and his younger brothers, Raj and Harish to Pune. After many attempts at numerous business ventures, the 3 brothers aligned their vision to set up a small food factory with a motto "to produce food products of extreme purity, supreme quality and dashing economy and pledged to bring the food products industry of India on the forefront of the world food industry.” Thus, on 13th April, 1956, Shri Satpal Malhotra, Shri Bahri B.R. Malhotra and Shri Harishkumar Malhotra brought their common vision to life and WEIKFIELD was founded.

1958-Delhi 1959-delivery-in-delhi 1961-Pune

Such was their expansive vision and ambition that, under the dynamic leadership of Shri. Satpal Malhotra, they very soon began to spread their wings beyond the local horizons and started selling and distributing their products in all parts of the country. Shri. Bahri B. R. Malhotra and Shri. S. P. Kapur worked tirelessly, day and night, to establish Weikfield’s sales & distribution network nationally. While Harish Malhotra took charge of Weikfield’s manufacturing operations.

2017-Product-range-today 1985-export-products

Weikfield began by manufacturing and selling three products to the local market - Cornflour, Custard Powder and Baking Powder. After over 60 years of existence, Weikfield today is the largest seller of Custard Powder, Cornflour, Baking Powder, Vegetarian Jelly Crystals in India. Weikfield has three state of the art manufacturing facilities – two in Pune, Maharashtra and one in Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh.


Living the legacy of giving back to society, the Weikfield family started the Malhotra Weikfield Foundation in 2007, which grants Scholarships in the Sciences to more than 150 needy students from rural Maharashtra every year.

The Foundation is also setting up a state of the art Vocational Education Centre with Swiss collaboration to educate rural youth in precision engineering and modern agricultural skills. Weikfield’s founder, Late Shri Satpal Malhotra was passionate about creating jobs & entrepreneurs and this Vocational Centre is a fitting tribute to him.


  • B. R. Malhotra B. R. Malhotra Chairman
  • Ashwini Malhotra Ashwini Malhotra Managing Director
  • Mukesh Malhotra Mukesh Malhotra Director
  • Akshay Malhotra Akshay Malhotra Director
  • Parag Saxena Parag Saxena Director

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