Company Policy

Weikfield’s Company policy

  • We are a reputed food product manufacturing and marketing company existing for more than 60 years. Our business is based on ethics of fair trade and transparency.
  • Our company’s products are manufactured under conditions that meet all safety and legal requirements and we take pride in manufacturing products of international quality.
  • Our company strives to continuously improve its food safety and quality management systems with the aim of maximizing customer satisfaction in terms of food quality, safety and hygiene.
  • We consider our employees to be our most valuable assets and we also proactively address all environmental issues with the aim of taking utmost care of our ecology and environment.
  • Our company commits to adhere to the food safety requirements of our customers and with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements of all regulatory authorities.
  • Our company commits to communicate all the relevant information on issues concerning the safety of its food products to its suppliers, customers, statutory and regulatory authorities and all other constituents of its food chain.

Weikfield’s Safety, Health & Environment Policy

We at Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd. believe that, our employees are our most valuable assets and we are committed to create an effective safety culture while working either on the production floor or in the offices. We are also committed to conserve and improve the environment around us.


  1. Formulating health and safety norms, providing requisite training, supervision and protection devices to ensure the safety of our men, machine and environment.
  2. Inculcating self – discipline and generating employee involvement to enable our employees to take care of their own health and safety as well as that of others.
  3. Constantly monitoring the working environment through audits, reviews and accident investigations to identify hazards and to take preventive measures.
  4. The contractors, sub – contractors, transporters, and any other external agencies who enter the company premises will observe all safety precautions of the company.

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