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Where can I know more about a Weikfield product?

You can go to the products page on the website and click on individual product to know more about a product.


Where can I submit business proposals and requests?

We have a web-based system to efficiently receive and review business proposals or requests. We do not review requests in these areas through email, phone, fax or mail. Visit our Contact Us page to begin the enquiry submission process.


How can I attend a Chef’s Master Class?

You can send us your query on email id: cookery@weikfield.com or call us on our Toll Free No. 18002090663 to know more about the Chef’s Master Class in your city.


Can I buy products directly from you?

At this time, we are unable to sell Weikfield products directly to consumers. However, we are available online on various e-tail platforms.


How many cups of green tea would you suggest in a day?

2 Cups of Eco Valley Green tea.


What are the benefits of having Eco Valley green tea?

Eco Valley green tea helps reduce weight but along with diet, manage blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, increase immunity, good for skin and hair.


What is the difference between regular green tea and organic green tea?

Organic green tea doesn’t contain chemicals, fertilizers which are used in regular tea.


What time is ideal to consume green tea?

Ideal time to have green tea is ideally half an hour after breakfast or preferably in between meals, evening is also ideal time.


When should you consume oats? For breakfast or as snacks to stay in shape?

Eco Valley oats is without addition of derivatives of ajinomotto. So it is safe for pregnant ladies, kids & geriatric patients. It can be had as a breakfast or evening snacks.

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