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Product Description

Weikfield’s Compounded Mustard Seasoning is made from a blend of the finest brown and yellow mustard seeds. Weikfield’s Compounded Mustard Seasoning is ideal for table use as well as for whisking up salad dressings and mayonnaise.

Regular customers for Weikfield Compounded Mustard Seasoning are Hotels, Fine Dining and Fast Food Restaurants, Burger and Pizza Chains, Flight Kitchens, Caterers, and Food Courts.


1. An ideal condiment for fast foods like burgers, hot dogs, french fries, sandwiches and pizzas.

2. Can be suited to each individual’s taste.

Table Use: Blend Weikfield Compounded Mustard Seasoning in cold water thoroughly till it becomes a thick cream. Allow to stand for 10 minutes to develop full flavour. Replace cold milk for water if mild flavour is desired.

Mayonnaise Sauce: Blend 1 tsp of Weikfield Compounded Mustard Seasoning with little water or paste to make a smooth paste. Age it for 15 minutes for the real flavour. Mix the aged paste with yolk of one egg. Add 155g of Salad oil drop by drop, while stirring all the time. Add milk, salt, vinegar and white pepper according to taste.

Mustard Powder (86%), Wheat Flour and Turmeric Powder


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