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Product Description

Green tea has EGCG type of catechin in high concentration which is very beneficial for the health. Eco Valley Natural Green Tea has 80-100% green tea. Always check the green tea % in the tea bag before use.

  • Natural Ingredients (No Artificial Flavours).
  • Non-bleached tea bag filter paper.
  • Staple free tea bags.
  • Available in Garcinia Cinnamon, Pahadi Kahwa, Ginger, Mulethi & Lemon, Sunny Lemony, Dandelion & Mint, Pure Green, and Tulsi 50:50 variants.

Regular customers for Eco Valley Natural Green Tea Variants are Hotels, Fine Dining Restaurants, Corporate Offices, Flight Kitchens, Airport Cafeterias, Hospitals, Caterers, Corporate Canteens and Tea and Coffee Shops.


The word “Kahwa” originates from the Arabic word “qahwah” which means an aromatic beverage. Kahwa is a blend of ingredients like green tea, whole spices like cardamom, black pepper, clove, saffron; dry fruits and honey or rock salt brewed in a traditional brass or a copper vessel called the “samovar”. Every region has its own unique style of Kahwa preparation as per the Indian traditional wisdom.

Over the years, people residing in the cold mountain regions beat the winter chill with the traditional herbal infusion of Kahwa tea. Pahadi people consume Kahwa for common colds, sinus, to clear nasal congestion and to build a strong immune system and improve metabolism.


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