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Eco Valley Natural Tulsi Green Tea

30 Tea bags Pack and 50 Tea bags Pack

Product Description

Green tea has EGCG type of catechin in high concentration which is very beneficial for your health. Eco Valley Green Natural Tea contains 50-100% green tea. Always check the green tea % in your tea bag before use.

  • Contains 50% Organic Green Tea and 50% Tulsi.
  • Natural Ingredients (No Artificial Flavours).
  • Non-bleached tea bag filter paper.
  • Staple free tea bags.
  • Available in Tulsi 50:50, Pure Green, Dandelion & Mint, Ginger Mulethi & Lemon, Sunny Lemony, Garcinia & Cinnamon and Pahadi Kahwa variants.

1. Revitalizing Tulsi helps to improve blood circulation.

2. Helps to sharpen the senses and clear the mind to be more active.

3. Beneficial for digestion.

1. Place the tea bag in a dry kettle or cup.

2. Gently pour the hot water in. Let it stand for 2-3 minutes.

3. Let the soul of the tea be released.

4. Give it a kiss of a low calorie sweetner/sugar/honey. Sit back and drink deeply.

Green Tea (50%), Tulsi (50%).


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