Bailey's Custard Trifle Bailey's Custard Trifle
Bailey's Custard Trifle
Enjoy the delicacy of Bailey’s custard trifle from the comfort of your home with this easy to make recipe.

Bailey's Custard Trifle

The Ingredient List

Milk: 2cups

Vanilla custard powder: 3tbsp

Caster sugar: ½ cup

Bailey’s original irish cream liqueur: ½ cup

Strawberry jam:

Lady finger: soaked in black coffee

Cocoa powder:

How To cook

  • step 1 - Take a heating pan and add milk, custard powder and caster sugar and mix it well.
  • step 2 - Now add Bailey's original irish cream liqueur to this mixture and cook it until it's thick in consistency.
  • step 3 - Take a glass and add some strawberry jam to it. On top of jam add this Bailey’s custard which we just made.
  • step 4 - Now place some lady finger soaked in black coffee on top of this custard.
  • step 5 - Now again put some custard and repeat the step.
  • step 6 - Top this custard with cocoa powder.
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