Creamy Custard Cake

Creamy Custard Cake


For dry Ingredients
1 ½ cup Refined flour,½ cup Weikfield Vanilla Custard Powder,½ tsp baking soda,1 tsp Weikfield Baking Powder

For the Batter
1 cup butter,1 cup sugar,1 cup warm milk (in batches)

For the Sweetened Cream

2 cups milk,½ cup condensed milk,2 tbsp strawberry puree,1 cup fresh cream,Drop of pink food colour

For the Cake Garnish
1 cup whipped cream,1 cup canned cherries


  • Take all the dry ingredients in a bowl & mix well
  • Now in another bowl add the cream, butter & sugar until the sugar dissolves & the mixture becomes smooth
  • Now add warm milk in batches to the butter mixture & cream well
  • Next add the dry ingredients & fold into a thick batter
  • Pour batter into lined cake mould & bake at 160C for 55 minutes
  • Once baked, bring to a room temperature
  • Once the cake has cooled down, garnish with whipping cream & cherries
  • To make the strawberry sauce, bring the milk, cream, condensed milk & strawberry puree to a boil, add some food colour if required
  • After it has reached a boil remove from heat & bring to room temperature, refrigerate for an hour
  • To serve pour some sauce onto a plate & place a slice of the cake over it

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