No Bake Pasta Fritata No Bake Pasta Fritata
No Bake Pasta Fritata
Don’t have an oven to bake your pasta in? Well, don’t worry! Weikfield No-Bake Pasta Frittata does not require you to bake it at all!

No Bake Pasta Fritata

The Ingredient List

Eggs: 5

Milk: 5 tablespoon

Salt: as per taste

Pepper: ¼ tablespoon

Olive oil: 4 tablespoon

Garlic: 5-6, chopped

Mushrooms: 250 gms, sliced

Spinach: 4 cups

Cherry tomatoes: 6-7, cut into half

Parsley: For Garnishing

Weikfield Penne Pasta: 1 cup

How To cook

  • step 1 - Take a bowl and break 5 eggs into it. Add 5 tablespoons of milk to it, and add salt to the taste. mix it well. Add ¼ tablespoon of pepper and whisk it for some time.
  • step 2 - Take a pan and add 4 tablespoons of olive oil to it. Add 5-6 finely chopped cloves of garlic and 250 gms of sliced mushrooms to the pan. Saute it properly.
  • step 3 - Add 4 cups of spinach to the pan and make it fit the pan properly. Cover the pan with a lid and heat it for some time.
  • step 4 - Add salt to the pan as per taste and saute it for a while. Add 1 cup of boiled Weikfield Penne Pasta to the pan and mix it well. Add 6-7 cherry tomatoes cut into half to the pan and saute it again.
  • step 5 - Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cover the pan with a lid. Cook for about 20-30 minutes until the eggs are settled.
  • step 6 - Once the eggs are set, turn down the flame and keep the pan aside to cool off.
  • step 7 - Garnish your dish with chopped parsley and there you are, all set to try out homemade frittata!
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