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Savor the Season: Weikfield Ready-to-eat (RTE) Custard Recipe Hacks for Winter Delights


Winter is the season of cozy blankets, tasty beverages, and delightful desserts. Let’s explore creative hacks to transform Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard into winter delights without cooking. Unleash your passion for sweet treats this winter with Weikfield Ready-to-Eat custard. Whether you are relishing your ‘me moments’ or hosting a celebration, savor the winter flavors with unmatched taste and convenience with Weikfield. With the ever-popular Vanilla flavor, these custards offer a quick and hassle-free solution to your dessert cravings. Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard can be your partner in transforming your preparation into a delightful winter delicacy effortlessly without indulging for hours in the kitchen. 


Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard contains the goodness of 84% cow milk. It makes smooth, creamy & delicious custard. It is 100% vegetarian and is available in Tetra pack. Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard providesgood flavor and creamy textures to your desserts. Explore some instant recipes and hacks to elevate your winter dessert treats. You just need to open the Tetra pack and add fascinating taste to your desserts. 

During winter season there is an undeniable craving for desserts that bring instant joy and warmth to our hearts. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, quick and delightful treats turn ordinary moments into extraordinary indulgences. Join us to unravel a collection of quick dessert recipes. These recipes promise to sweeten your winter days with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction. Get ready to embark on a journey of flavors that will elevate your dessert game, making each bite a moment to savor in the cozy embrace of winter. 

Cozy Fruit Delight:  

For a winter-inspired treat, blend vanilla RTE custard with yogurt, nuts, and an assortment of fresh fruits. This fusion creates a delightful fruit fiesta that perfectly balances the warmth of custard with the crispness of seasonal fruits.  

Custard Shakes:  

When chilly evenings beckon, whip up the custard shake by blending Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard with ice and your favorite fruits. Take your creativity to the next level as you experiment with different flavor combinations, crafting a signature shake to savor.  

Fruit Delight Parfait:  

Elevate your dessert game with a visually appealing parfait. Layer Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard with fresh fruits and granola for a healthy yet satisfying treat that delights the eyes and taste buds.  

Custard Shots:  

For a party treat, serve small portions of Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard in shot glasses. Add a touch of chocolate drizzle or a sprinkle of nuts to transform these bite-sized delights into a visually appealing sensation.  

Custard Popsicles:  

Embrace the winter freeze by creating custard popsicles with your favorite fruits. These frozen wonders require minimal effort, making them the ideal sweet treat for any occasion. 

During chilly winter evenings, the cozy embrace of hot desserts gives us the warmth of love. Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard becomes the secret ingredient that offers a comforting treat on chilly evenings. These hot dessert hacks can turn your winter cravings into a warm treat.  

Custard Hot Chocolate:  

Make your regular hot chocolate more exciting by infusing it with a generous dollop of Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard. A rich and indulgent beverage with the comforting warmth of hot chocolate and the creaminess of custard will add joy to your chilly evening at home.  

Baked Custard Apple Crisp:  

For a heartwarming winter dessert, bake sliced apples topped with luscious custard and a sprinkle of cinnamon. The amalgamation of warm apples and RTE custard creates a cozy dessert that's satisfying and soul-soothing.  

Custard Bread Pudding:  

Fusion of bread with the richness of RTE custard can turn into a warm and comforting bread pudding. Experiment with your favorite spices for winter magic in every bite.  


Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard elevates your culinary creations instantly. As the winter nights unfold, let there be a celebration of flavors, warmth, and creativity in the kitchen. Try out these quick and cozy recipes, allowing the unmatched taste of Weikfield Ready-to-Eat Custard to transform your winter evenings into blissful moments of sweet indulgence. Embrace the spirit of winter chills by savoring the joy of comforting desserts with your loved ones. 

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