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450g, 100g & 1Kg

Product Description

Weikfield Baking Powder is the most preferred choice for all sorts of baking and cooking among consumers across India.

What makes Weikfield Baking Powder special is its “Double Action” property. The first action takes place as soon as the batter is sifted and mixed. The second action takes place during baking when heat is applied.


1. Weikfield’s “Double Action” Baking Powder makes your cakes, pastries, naans and kulchas light and fluffy.

2. Also ideal for making all kinds of baked products and snacks like samosas, dhoklas, pakodas, bhaturas, banarasi papdi, naankhatai, cookies etc.

3. Weikfield Baking Powder is available in attractive reusable poly jars.

1. Use 10g of Weikfield Baking Powder for 450 g of flour.

2. Mix thoroughly with the flour in dry state by siftng the flour and Baking Powder together two or three times.

3. In order to have the best velvety texture, volume and lightness, the ready dough should be immediately be put in the oven.


For 1/2 kg Plain flour use Weikfield Baking Powder as follows:

Pastry- 15g, Cakes- 25g, Pudding- 30g

Sodium Bi-Carbonate, Sodium Aluminium Sulphate, Cornflour


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