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Pasta Sauces and Mixes: Weikfield’s Pasta Shapes and Sauces Combination for Delectable Delights


At Weikfield, we believe that the right pairing can elevate your culinary experience to new heights. That’s why we offer a relish range of pasta shapes paired with our flavorful Pasta Sauces and Mixes. Whether you’re craving a tangy twist, a creamy, or a spicy sensation, we have the perfect combination to tantalize your taste buds. Let’s explore our pasta shapes and sauces, so you can create delectable joyance right in your kitchen!


Our Red Tangy Sauce is a burst of flavors, combining tangy tomatoes with aromatic herbs and spices. Pair it with Penne Pasta, the tube-shaped pasta that holds the sauce effortlessly. The smooth texture of Penne perfectly complements the bold taste of the Red Tangy Sauce, creating a mouthwatering fusion. 

Cooking Instructions:

Step 1 - Boil 1 cup (100gm) weikfield Penne pasta as per its cooking instruction.

Step 2 - Stir fry 1 ½ cup chopped vegetables of your choice in a pan.

Step 3 - Add pasta sauce to fried vegetables and cook for a minute.

Step 4 - Add boiled pasta to the pan, mix and serve hot.



If you're in the mood for a creamy and comforting pasta dish, look no further than the most satisfactory combination of Weikfield White Sauce with elbow pasta. This classic pairing brings together the velvety richness of white sauce and the unique texture of elbow pasta, creating a dish that is both satisfying and indulgent.

Cooking Instructions:

Step 1 - Boil the Elbow Pasta. Once cooked, drain the pasta and set it aside.

Step 2- Sauté some chopped vegetables of your choice and add Weikfield White Pasta sauce and cook for a min.

Step 3 –Add milk to the veggies, let it simmer for a min. Add the cooked elbow pasta to the white sauce and toss gently until all the pasta is coated evenly.

Step 4 - Serve hot and enjoy

Experience the joy of pizza in a pasta dish with our Pasta Pizza Sauce. Bursting with the flavors of tomatoes, garlic, and Italian herbs, it's the perfect match for Fusilli Pasta. The spiral shape of Fusilli captures the Pizza Sauce, ensuring every bite is brimming with deliciousness.

Cooking Instructions:

Step 1 - Boil Fusilli Pasta and drain it properly. You can also drizzle a little olive oil over the pasta to prevent it from sticking together (optional).

Step 2 - Take Chef's Basket Pasta Pizza Sauce and Combine Pasta and Sauce

Step 3 - Enhance with Toppings (Optional) and mix well.

Step 4 - Serve and Enjoy

For those seeking a bold and spicy experience, our Pasta Mast Masala is just what you need. Infused with aromatic Indian spices, it's a treat for your taste buds. Pair it with macaroni, allowing the Mast Masala to coat each small and curved shape to fill up beautifully.

Cooking Instructions:

Step 1 - Boil the macaroni

Step 2 - Once the macaroni is cooked, use a colander to drain the water and set the cooked macaroni aside.

Step 3 - Take Weikfield Chef’s Basket Pasta Mast Masala and mix it well with the macaroni

Step 4 –Garnish with your favorite ingredients (optional)

Step 5 - Serve and savor


At Weikfield, we take pride in offering you the finest pasta shapes and sauces to create culinary masterpieces in your kitchen. Whether you crave tangy, creamy, or spicy, our pairings are designed to satisfy all your temptations. So, pick your pasta shape, choose a sauce from our Pasta Sauces and Mixes, and let your imagination run wild with delicious combinations. With Weikfield, every meal becomes an unforgettable culinary journey!

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