Mango Falooda

Mango Falooda


2 cups milk,1 cup water, 1 packet Weikfield Mango Falooda Mix, Other ingredients, ¼ cup rose syrup, ½ cup mango jelly, ½ cup fresh mango pieces, ½ cup-soaked basil seeds/ sabja (optional), 2 tbsp fresh cream, ½ cup boiled vermicelli noodles (soaked in green food color), 4 scoops mango ice cream


  • Bring the milk & water to a boil & add the falooda mix, boil for 10 minutes till mixture becomes slightly thick & creamy.
  • Once done remove from the heat and bring to room temperature & refrigerate for 2 hours.
  • Now for the assembly, take a tall glass and drizzle some rose syrup on the sides then add some sabja, followed by the jelly & fresh mango, next add some fresh cream & top with the chilled falooda mix.
  • Now add scoops of mango ice cream & garnish with some more fresh mangoes & sliced dry fruits.
  • Serve chilled!.

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