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Eco Valley green tea, organic green tea, green tea benfits, ginger mulethi green tea product pack


30 Tea bags

Product Description

Enjoy three times the goodness of Ginger, Mulethi and Lemon in your cup of Organic Tea and score high on health.High grown in the Nilgiris at 8000 feet, it’s smoother in taste and not bitter. Each tea bag packs a whole lot of health benefits along with great taste.
Dip. Sip. Repeat.


1. Good for the common cold, flu, etc.
2. Soothes an itchy throat and relieves nasal congestion.
3. Rich in antioxidants, boosts immunity.

1. Place the tea bag in a dry kettle or cup.
2. Gently pour hot water in. Let it stand for 2-3 minutes.
3. Let the soul of the tea be released.
4. Sit back and enjoy your cup of healthy goodness.


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