Kesar Pista Custard Falooda Kesar Pista Custard Falooda
Kesar Pista Custard Falooda
Try out Weikfield Kesar Pista Custard Falooda to satisfy your wish of having something sweet. Prepared with real ingredients to give you a worthy experience!

Kesar Pista Custard Falooda

The Ingredient List


Vermicelli: Handful

Milk: 500 grams

Weikfield Kesar Pista Custard Powder: 2 tablespoon

Sugar: ⅓ cups

Jelly: Raspberry flavored

Pistachio: Garnish

How To cook

  • step 1 - Take a pan and pour water into it. Start to heat it slowly.
  • step 2 - Take a handful of vermicelli and put it in the pan. Let it boil for a while and keep it aside.
  • step 3 - Now, take another pan and add milk to it. Add 2 tbsp of Weikfield Kesar Pista Custard Powder to the pan and mix it well. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture.
  • step 4 - Add ⅓ cup of sugar to the pan and mix it well for a while. Keep the flame low and let it become thicker.
  • step 5 - Keep the pan aside and let the custard cool down and set properly.
  • step 6 - Now, use the raspberry flavored jelly to give a final touch to your Falooda. Take two glasses and start with the layering of Falooda. Add jelly at the bottom, vermicelli in the middle, and custard on the top! Add crushed pistachios and you are ready to experience an extraordinary dish!.
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